Know What You Are Getting BeforeHand

Don’t you hate it when you think you are paying one price for a service (usually the one they advertised) and it turns out to  be another.  I used to work for a cable company and this would routinely be the case.  We would advertise $99.00 for a bundle package but after you included the boxes, modem, taxes and fees it would be more like $126.

Now when it comes to some additional costs like taxes and regulatory fees most companies cannot help but to charge their customers for that.  Anchorage does not have sales tax but if they did a company offering any goods or services would have to pass the cost along.

Watch Out For Carpet Cleaners Who Bait You With Low Prices

But many companies that offer carpet cleaning services make it their standard business practice to advertise extremely low rates and then add on to that price once they are at a person’s home.  Its like the quick lube model.  Come in for a routine cheap oil change for $19.99 and end up leaving with a $200.00 bill.

Why can’t people practice ethical and transparent business practices?  Why can’t we live in a world where we are told exactly what to expect and exactly what we are going to get? Is that wishful thinking?

When it comes to carpet cleaning here is what I would like to state, for the record:

  • Everyone has the same costs.
  • Everyone more or less uses the same chemicals.
  • Everyone uses the same machines, some newer than others.
  • Everyone has to pay taxes.
  • Everyone has storage space and warehouse payments.
  • Everyone has vehicle and insurance payments to make.

I am not trying to sound like a violin at all.  I am trying to appeal to your logical side.  If we all have the same costs then how can one person charge more than half the costs of the other guys and make money?  How can one company charge $49.99 for three rooms when everyone else needs to charge triple that amount.

Several things: either he will be out of business soon, doesn’t have insurance or is planning to do the old bait and switch tactic.

Do yourself a favor and do business with a cut & dry carpet cleaning company.  If not me then someone else.  We have all been talked into getting a seemingly cheaper deal only to find out later that we paid more than we thought we would.  Everyone has heard the saying that you get what you pay for and yet many of us forget that sometimes.

Its February and winter is in full swing.  Most residents are not getting their carpets cleaned during this time of the year. Most feel that they are just going to get dirty again in a matter of days.  My peak times are spring and fall season. Call me if you have any questions or would like to get a free estimate for your house, condo, town home or apartment. I primarily do new move outs or move-ins and try to stay away from homes with a lot of furniture.

When you call me you can expect me to be straightforward and explain exactly what you are going to get.  I do not care what everyone else charges and have no interest in being the cheapest. My goal is to give people excellent service at a fair price.  Its worked for me so far.  I’m also a very funny guy and will on occasion do a five minute stand up routine for you when I come by :)

John Vogt

Big Red Carpet Cleaning

3701 Clay Products Dr

Anchorage, AK 99517

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