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Carpet Cleaning

Big Red Carpet Cleaning by John Vogt

Have you ever heard of the saying “its just business, its not personal?”  That statement could not be further from the truth in this city. Anchorage is still a relatively small community and people here like to develop a relationship with people they do business with.  If you do a great job then word will [...]

Know What You Are Getting BeforeHand

Don’t you hate it when you think you are paying one price for a service (usually the one they advertised) and it turns out to  be another.  I used to work for a cable company and this would routinely be the case.  We would advertise $99.00 for a bundle package but after you included the [...]

Carpet Cleaning Prices

When we first started off our deal was 3 rooms for $99.  That was back in 2003 and it worked great.  Unfortunately if I still had those prices I would be out of business quick.  Now the special I offer for vacant places is the first 2 rooms* and a hall for $100. Carpets and [...]

Avoiding Anchorage Carpet Cleaners Who Are Unethical

In Anchorage, along with every other city in the US, carpet cleaning and rug cleaning is one of the most competitive industries to be in.  There are quite a few people doing it and there are a lot of people who need their carpets cleaned. Many carpet cleaners anchorage come and go in this particular [...]

New Industrial Carpet Cleaners from Daimer

Amazing!  In a carpet cleaning news article I recently read Daimer has released a new industrial carpet cleaning machine that can get ice cold water up to 210 degrees (98.9 Celsius) in five minutes. Wow! It usually takes my machine way longer than five minutes for all of the water to fully heat.  I did [...]