Big Red Carpet Cleaning by John Vogt

Have you ever heard of the saying “its just business, its not personal?”  That statement could not be further from the truth in this city.

Anchorage is still a relatively small community and people here like to develop a relationship with people they do business with.  If you do a great job then word will travel fast.  Should you do an awful job then your bad reputation will travel even faster.

Hey, its me John Vogt

I started this business back in 2004.  I bought the business from a guy who was doing well but wanted to leave Alaska.  He could not take the cold weather.  Originally, I had purchased this business for my younger brother.  It was not my intention at all to run it.  I have over 50 rental properties in the Anchorage area (at the time I had 30) and I also wanted to have the equipment to clean my own places out whenever somebody moved.

Well, my brother found out that he hated carpet cleaning.  He lasted a couple weeks and then quit.  I had spend tens of thousands of dollars on a brand new business for him and he just walked away. Talk about being angry!

Never being the one to let anything fail that I am associated with I paid another carpet cleaner in Anchorage to show me how to do it.  I went with him a couple times on his jobs and he showed me what to do.

The first thing you notice in this business is how difficult it is.  It is not easy.  There is a lot more to it than just pushing a special wand around.  After the typical four room house I am dripping with sweat.

Since then I have tweaked some things.  I tested out various chemicals to find out which ones work the best.  I have learned how to get wine, blood and dirt spots out of a a carpet.  It seems that with every passing year I am able to add to my tool belt a little.

When people think about us they think mainly, and for good reason, about getting their carpets cleaned. That is not inaccurate but we also do more than that. We do more than that.  Big Red does carpet cleaning, steam cleaning and rug cleaning.  We are known as carpet cleaners, rug cleaners and steam cleaners all in one.

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